The Stage

stage dec 2011
stage 2 dec 2011


The 8.5m x 4.5m curtained stage has eight modern, high output, tricolour LED flood lights which can be controlled individually from our fourty-eight channel lighting desk with memories and sophisticated DMX controls. Alternatively, a  laptop/software control system can be used. The stage lighting  can be adapted and moved to any position on our lighting grid above the stage.  We have also installed four traditional profile spotlights, controlled from the lighting desk, out in the Hall to provide sophisticated stage lighting for productions and events.


We have an on-call sound and lighting engineer who can advise potential users of the Hall how to get the best out of our systems and, by negotiation, can supply additional hired-in  specialist equipment and provide technical support during your event.


To the rear of the stage are 2 separate dressing rooms with toilet and washing facilities.