£ per    

                                                                 hour -  session  - day                                                                  

Trivetts Hall

Local Community                                       10           25        60


Local Private/Community                          

Private/Visitor Community                         15           35        90


Visitor Private                                             35           60       150


Broderip Room 

Local Community                                        3            17         40


Local Private/Community

Private/Visitor Community                         5             23         60


Visitor Private                                             8            40        100


Additional Facilities   £ per session

Kitchen                            15    

Stage Equipment             20

Projector                          10

Hall Hire Charges

Normal Sessions are 8am - 1pm;  1pm - 6pm;  6pm - 11pm but can be adjusted to suit depending on other bookings.  Extra hours over 5 are charged at £5 up to 11pm and after 11pm at the full hourly rate.


A booking will be deemed provisional until the hire fee is paid.

If a booking is cancelled the hire fee will normally be forfeited unless the time slot is rebooked. Refunds will be at the discretion of the Trustees.


For private parties involving alcohol a bond of £100, in addition to the hire fee, may be required to be paid before the event.  The bond for a wedding is £200.


Provided there is no damage, bonds will be refunded within 2 weeks.